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Biofields & Bliss Trilogy

Biofields & Bliss Trilogy

Amazing value – 3 books in one!

In a bid to present a more complete version of her work in Interdimensional Biofield Technology, metaphysical author Jasmuheen has now combined the Trilogy of the Biofields & Bliss series into one complete manual.

Dealing with principles of the futuristic Higher Light Science that are also based on ancient wisdom, Book 1 – Four Body Fitness delivers a free, non-religious based lifestyle to harmonize our internal and external energy flows so that we can experience our full physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential.

Book 2 – Co-creating Paradise takes this to the family and community levels while Book 3 – ‘The Madonna Frequency’ Planetary Peace Program looks at very specific global projects to eliminate war and violence and address basic human rights and bring peace and prosperity to all in our world.

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Harmonious Healing & The Immortal’s Way

Harmonious Healing & The Immortal’s Way

Jasmuheen writes: “In late 2004, I found myself diagnosed with a deadly carcinoma. Known for my radical and alternative approach to life, I began an adventure into the alternative healing field discovering radical new light ray and sound wave technologies, diagnostic tools and also therapies based on ancient aboriginal Dreamtime Healing.

My journey dealing with family and friends, and potential information overload, led me to understand the need for not just having dependable personal discernment as to selecting the right path for harmonious healing but also to understanding that what we have created we can uncreate and that our body consciousness holds the perfect key to the healing path for us all.

Today one in four adults die unnecessarily from one of the seven deadly diseases. Perhaps it is due to a lack of holistic education or perhaps it is just their time. If it is their time can they die with dignity and should they have the choice to know about and utilize the ancient method of self-euthanasia used by the lamas throughout time?

What is this ancient method and can it be misused? How do we know if what we are facing is our check-out time or just a challenge?

What about spontaneous healing and healers like the Brazilian miracle man John of God? All of this I explored during the early part of 2005 …”

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