Co-creating Paradise

Co-creating Paradise

Co-creating Paradise is Book 2 of the Biofields & Bliss Series by Australian metaphysical researcher, Jasmuheen.

Filled with data and tools to transform our personal lives and our communities back into the state of paradise, BB2 also provides well-researched data on the world’s religions, the ancient wisdom, quantum physics, the multi-verses plus much more.

Book 1 in this series is Four Body Fitness – Biofields & Bliss. Book 3 is the ‘Madonna Frequency’ Planetary Peace Program.

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Cruising Into Paradise

CRUISING INTO PARADISE, with metaphysical author and artist Jasmuheen, is filled with humor, insight, good visuals and practical life enhancing exercises to amuse people of all ages.

Designed as a glossy yet insightful and amusing esoteric coffee table book it will prompt introspection, reflection and discussion amongst those interested in the science of successful holistic living and the paradise reality.

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