Violet Light Cocoon – Creation Meditation


In this part of our Meditations with Jasmuheen, we begin to apply a little alchemical practice via our Violet Light Cocoon – Creation Meditation that was given to Jasmuheen by Saint Germain as a way of being able to be in the world and be less affected by it. If possible you may wish to do this meditation each day until you feel that this Cocoon actually exists on the inner plane around you – remember your body cannot tell the difference between a real event and an imagined one! The Violet Light Cocoon – Creation Meditation is an in-depth meditation with Jasmuheen on the alchemical Violet Light Cocoon – its benefits and application in fine-tuning ourselves through the Matrix into healthier, happier paradigms, creation and purpose as an external mind and shield of selectivity. Written, spoken and recorded by Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace.

NOTE: Although this meditation provides some good baseline programming codes, it can be followed by and made more powerful by using the Liquid Universe Advance Bioshield Programming Codes which also includes our discourse on Programming & New Paradigms.

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