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I Love You Meditation

Introduction to the I Love You Meditation – a powerful meditation for feeding ourselves and others with pure energy …

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This is a meditation that we use in many of our gatherings as it sets up a mutual feeding system using the radiation of the pure love Essence energy. What is wonderful is as we send it out we can then sense it flow back to us as love attracts love as we know via the Universal Law of Resonance. First we nourish our own bodies with this pure frequency and then we send it out through our networks – from family, friends, community and colleagues to the whole world and beyond.

This meditation improves immune system function by making us healthier on all levels as the pure love frequency dissolves all that is not this pure love energy within and around us – for an insight to the power of this you may wish to watch this video on Kwan Yin’s Transforming Love Radiation.

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True Beloved Meditation

Introduction to the True Beloved Mantra Meditation

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Meditation benefits …

  • Tuning to the channel or zone of the true beloved within us.
  • Being flooded with its energy by using specific chants and mantras.
  • The true beloved energy has also the power to free our emotional body of our emotional body addictions to the pleasure of social eating and taking physical food, which has become a substitute behaviour and a way of feeding us emotionally when people come into levels of loneliness, loss or pain.
  • The rising and the revelation of the true beloved energy eliminates toxicity from our being and from our lives, recalibrating us back into an energy that is wise and loving and powerfully transformational.
  • This then flows back to influence all of our human relationships; our relationships with our loved ones, romantic loved ones and family, friends, community as well for the release of the true beloved energy within us all also anchors us in an energy of absolute freedom, peace, joy, bliss, relief and relaxation.

And so play with this meditation, play with your words of power within it and open to this experience of the true beloved, enter into this meditation with just the openness, the willingness to align once more to that powerful pure energy of love that we know as beloved.

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Ambassadors of Light : World Health World Hunger Project

DOWNLOAD NOW FREE! Ambassadors of Light : World Health World Hunger Project is Jasmuheen’s tenth book and the follow on to her best seller Ambassadors of Light – Living on Light.

No doubt this new work will be just as controversial as she continues to challenge the status quo and take the pranic nourishment discussion onto the global stage.

In this book Jasmuheen offers practical solutions to world health and world hunger related challenges, via Mother Mary’s ‘Luscious Lifestyles Programs’ and via effective ways to redirect global resources.

This also entails an in-depth look at the forgiveness of Third World debt, and at fundraising for social welfare programs through global disarmament, the dissolution of prohibition, holistic re-education programs and the elimination of the need for personal pharmaceutical use through the practice of preventative medicine.

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Embassy of Peace – Personal Harmonization Program

Personal Harmonization this includes the Embassy’s Luscious Lifestyles Program PLUS additional personal finetuning data added in 2010. Basically those at the Embassy believe that each individual holds within them the perfect teacher who is all knowing, all loving; an inner guru who can guide us perfectly to achieve any proposed agenda that serves the whole.

We also hold that this energy – in its purest expression – is the same force within us all as it gives us all life via our breath. Hence it is the one common factor that binds, wisely guides and also inspires us.

We also propose that when this inner force is stimulated to express itself more powerfully within us, that it can then gracefully flow through us to unify our world. We stimulate this via our Personal Harmonization Program.

The free e-book is offered to all who are interested in experiencing an increased level of personal health, happiness and harmony; and also to those who may identify themselves as Ambassadors of Peace or even Diplomats of Love, which are people who support the Embassy’s Programs.

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Meditation Magic – Discourse – Introduction to Meditation Series

MEDITATION MAGIC – Introduction to series – audio DISCOURSE ONLY. Jasmuheen discusses benefits, uses and practical preparations regarding meditation.

This serves as an introduction also to her Meditation Magic Series. Meditation forms an essential part of the Luscious Lifestyles Program that is recommended by the Embassy of Peace for personal, global & universal harmonization.

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