King of Hearts – The Field of Love (Book 2)

king of hearts

King of Hearts – The Field of Love (Book 2)

KING OF HEARTS – The Field of Love – with Jasmuheen (book 2 in the Enchanted Kingdom series)
Past lives, future lives and the perfect moments of the present; perfect love, profound love and painful plus parallel worlds and the art of dream weaving … all of this is covered in book 2 of the Enchanted Kingdom Series as the Queen of the Matrix calls the King of Hearts to rise.

In book one of this series, we witnessed the redemption of dark hearts with Agra’s journey back to the Garden of Isis plus Tan’s quest to reprogram the Terradac’s codes. In this book we discover the gypsy Jacob and his journey of transformation with a walk-in warlock as they deal with the Dark Ones of power and find the risen King.

Via the stories of Tan and Rani; Loki and Aphrodite plus Mary and Leila, we expand on the both the ancient art of sexual tantra and the depth and weaves of love’s fields with its layers of loss and the joy of dream’s made whole.

Again we explore the complexity of metaphysical realities of multi-dimensional realms and share more of the ancient wisdom as it applies to the field of love.

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The Enchanted Kingdom Trilogy


Once upon a time there was the dreaming,
where dreamers created worlds that they longed for.
And in the dreaming and the longing, new worlds were born,
for the dreamers knew the magic to reweave the webs of life.

The Enchanted Kingdom is a land of an ancient space held in a field beyond time, a place that seems like a layer of life wedged between worlds. The alchemists describe it as a field of possibilities where everything is available for the dreamtime dancers and the wise. A parallel world dreamt into being over millennia by those seeking higher worlds, the Enchanted Kingdom represents the highest visions and dreams of humankind. And now, finally, this Kingdom is merging with Earth’s own world.


Three books in one to form a most uplifting trilogy by metaphysical author Jasmuheen. Queen of the Matrix – Fiddlers of the Fields; King of Hearts – The Field of Love; and Elysium – Shamballa’s Sacred Symphony.

The Elysium prophecy states:- When the Queen of the Matrix returns the King to her heart, peace will come to all on Earth, regardless of their part. And when compassion sets the pace all will find new rhythms, a peace within, and a peace without, to last beyond millenniums.

A cross between Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Matrix movies, this new trilogy of fiction weaves in some of the aboriginal dreamtime legends while offering insights on past lives and future lives; perfect love and profound love plus parallel worlds. All of this is covered in this enchanting trilogy which will enlighten and entertain all ages.

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