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HEALING CANCER – Insights, Methods to help heal the rhythm of Cancer with Jasmuheen. In this video Jasmuheen shares of her personal journey with rebalancing the energy of cancer. She also covers spontaneous healing, self healing methods, the benefits of juice fasting, making the body alkaline, the role of visualization and meditation in self healing, testing methods to discover the right healing paths for each individual plus cancer as a frequency that can rise and fall and be rebalanced plus the Template of Health and a small meditation with reprogramming.

This audio & video is for those who have been diagnosed with dis-ease and also for their friends and family. It is only for those who are open minded enough and also ready to look at methods for self healing. Audio Link; video link.

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HEALING LUNGS & OTHER ORGANS – A 22 minute audio meditation to help heal organs – focused on the lungs.


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