Love Breath Meditation

Love Breath Meditation

The most significant meditation we can offer for the refinement of your personal rhythm into a more relaxed and peaceful state is the Love Breath Meditation. This meditation is designed to allow us to align more easily and powerfully to the Divine essence within. It also incorporates specific mantras to allow this pure energy force to rise and flood through us and out into the world, thus feeding everything and to also relax us. This meditation is also designed to stimulate group unification and feelings of Oneness. The Love Breath is also about bringing more love into our life, strengthening our Essence radiations so we get healthier and can then add to the world energetically in a more powerful and positive way through what we radiate or transmission.

This meditation was channelled through to Jasmuheen by the Goddess Isis and was later elaborated on by the Christ. It is designed to energize the complete bio-system, plus increase our chi flow and life force to improve both inner and outer peace while also promoting more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. We recommend that if possible that you do this meditation every day for the next seven days. Once you are familiar with this technique than you can apply this meditation in any situation but practice for a few minutes every day where possible as it is designed to bring you back to your true, pure Essence nature which is pure love. Background Music by Robert Martin.

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