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Embassy of Peace – Personal Harmonization Program

Personal Harmonization this includes the Embassy’s Luscious Lifestyles Program PLUS additional personal finetuning data added in 2010. Basically those at the Embassy believe that each individual holds within them the perfect teacher who is all knowing, all loving; an inner guru who can guide us perfectly to achieve any proposed agenda that serves the whole.

We also hold that this energy – in its purest expression – is the same force within us all as it gives us all life via our breath. Hence it is the one common factor that binds, wisely guides and also inspires us.

We also propose that when this inner force is stimulated to express itself more powerfully within us, that it can then gracefully flow through us to unify our world. We stimulate this via our Personal Harmonization Program.

The free e-book is offered to all who are interested in experiencing an increased level of personal health, happiness and harmony; and also to those who may identify themselves as Ambassadors of Peace or even Diplomats of Love, which are people who support the Embassy’s Programs.

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