Pranic People – Source Feeding – book bundle

Pranic People - Source Feeding - Alternate Nourishment Research

In this series of 9 manuals Jasmuheen shares many insights into Source Feeding or being nourished by Prana or what she calls Source Feeding. From her first book on this topic to her most recent, we trust you will enjoy all of her methodology recommendations and insights in this historical tracking of the evolution of this reality in the West, a reality that has the power to eliminate all global health and hunger issues!

A Historical flow ... Our in-depth Pranic package is only for the serious researchers, as each book has its own energy transmissions and adds to the whole flow of this into the West! Known as the Grandmother of Breatharianism Jasmuheen offers her experiential research here as one package - from In Resonance with its basic metaphysical science and principles that aid in understanding the basic of this, to the controversial Pranic Nourishment - also called Living on Light -  manual with its now unnecessary 21 day process, to the in-depth research contained within the Ambassadors of Light - World Health, World Hunger  manual, to the popular and very relevant The Food of Gods manual with its slower, more natural and organic methodology where thousands are now in training. 

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