Darkroom Diary Downloads & The Freedom of The Immortal’s Way

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Darkroom Diary Downloads & The Freedom of The Immortal's Way

This book contains insights gained over a four year period as Jasmuheen spends 40 days in total darkness, devoid of all external light and food. To Jasmuheen the darkroom space is a simulation of the Divine Mother’s womb, a space that in the profound silence teaches many things. Here Jasmuheen writes of her personal experiences of the Prana Program and a little of her own journey in learning how to be the true breatharian.

The first retreat of 21 days was done with Mantak Chia's principles of the Immortal’s Way. The downloads from 2005 and 2007, came through with her own groups as she takes them through an intense training in the prana program to teach of alternate nourishment.

As a free e-book, an average of 2,000 copies have been downloaded every month for the last few years from her website, hence Jasmuheen has added more to this journal and now offers this more complete version of this experience as a educational book in paperback for those who cannot download e-Books from their own computer.

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