Holy Ones Connection – Beyond Religion

Holy Ones direct Connection - Going Beyond Religion

This beautiful meditation with Jasmuheen's soothing voice and Erik Berglund's wonderful Harp music, is about tuning in to the streams of consciousness within the Matrix, from where the Holy Ones have come and are now anchored, to gain insight into the purest essence of their teachings and as such this insightful cosmic meditation allows us to transcend religions.

Again these best utilised in conjunction with our Love Breath Meditation which tunes us more to the channel of pure love as by flooding our systems with pure love it is easier to align to the channels of these beautiful beings. The ability to be sensitive enough to tune to these realms is also a result of our day to day lifestyle and whether our right brain capabilities are active enough. 

You may also enjoy our Cosmic Connection - Galactic Kin Meditation plus our Angelic Support Systems Meditation which continue with our Higher Communion theme of Meditations with Jasmuheen.

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